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Data Science Cohort 4

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When we set off on the NSS DS4 journey together in September 2020, we had no idea what would be in store for us. In addition to the general anxieties that have shaped all of our lives throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we knew that we had signed ourselves up to push our limits - intellectually, physically, and emotionally. Over the past nine months, however, we have discovered an exhilarating camaraderie in each other and have found ourselves supported at every turn by our phenomenal NSS mentors and the generosity of the Nashville Tech community.

Our Community Partners

To our community partners, thank you for sharing your time and expertise with us. Whether teaching us new tools and techniques for working with data, sharing your work experiences, or taking the time to orient us to your real-world business problems, we are indebted to you all for your investment in our education.

  • Eric Appelt
  • Timothy Blass
  • Ashley Brown
  • Andrea Busch
  • James CarMichael
  • Lindsey Clark
  • Logan Cones
  • Massih Forootan
  • Bobby Gambrell
  • Ken Graham
  • David Houghton
  • Jerry Igiozee
  • John Irvin
  • Jason King
  • Simon Kingaby
  • Bettina Kozissnik
  • Charles Lindquist
  • John Liu
  • Peter Mancini
  • Andrew Marsee
  • Paulo Martinez
  • Megan McGee
  • Sanjay Mishra
  • Chris Morgan
  • Lindsey Morris
  • Jason Myers
  • Ray Pasek
  • Joe Porter
  • Dibran Rexhepi
  • Jose Rivera
  • Amiee Sadler
  • Shruti Sharma
  • Ashutosh Singhal
  • Hari Tanjore
  • Mikil Taylor
  • Josh Threet
  • David Tinsley
  • Jason Turan
  • Jon-Marshall Vaile
  • Jim Vaughn
  • Candace Warner

Our Teachers

Teaching is hard and underappreciated work, but our instructors and TAs never seemed to tire of the challenge. Whether helping us debug code (sometimes into the wee hours of the night), leading hands-on workshops, or offering insightful feedback on our project ideas, we couldn’t imagine having learned as much without your guidance. Thank you.

  • Michael Holloway, Lead Instructor
  • Tim Dobbins, Junior Instructor
  • Tingting Duan, Teaching Assistant
  • Suneethi Ford, Teaching Assistant

Nashville Software School Team

The NSS community extends well beyond the (virtual) classroom and we have had the immense privilege of turning to our NSS advocates, mentors, administrators, and colleagues as we forge our new career paths. We are grateful to John Wark for envisioning NSS, Mary van Valkenburg for developing the Data bootcamp programs, the all-star career development team for encouraging us to dream big, and all of the people who have made our entire class experience possible.

  • Julie Heckler
  • Katie Kuhl
  • Marla Lamont
  • Mahesh Rao
  • Mary van Valkenburg
  • Jeremiah Vasquez
  • Deanna Vickers
  • John Wark

We can’t wait to pay forward your investments in us.